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蜘蛛纸牌 Spider Solitaire
2011年06月20日 ⁄ 未分类 评论关闭





蜘蛛纸牌, 多么熟悉的画面, 在那个没有网络游戏横行的年代, 这款经典纸牌游戏给我们带来了多少欢乐时光, 可以说已到了为卿独醉, 为卿狂呐~~哈哈, 众所周知该游戏很难获胜(不要试图以单色的难度来寻求自己的心理安慰哦~那可是给小盆友玩的啊~~呵呵), 但这似乎激发了一些玩家极大的热情。正因为胜局难得, 所以经过一番苦战后迎来的胜利, 才更令您有成就感。,










Could never resist the attraction of the computer game Spider Solitaire? It has now landed on the appstore. You can even play it to kill the boring time on your commuting. Spider Solitaire, what a familiar picture! During the years without pervading online games, this classic card-game had brought us uncountable happy moments. In those times, several students gathered round a computer and waited for their turn to play the game, which made the computer class the most cheerful one. As is known to all, the game is very hard to win (never try to seek psychological comfort from playing the junior level monochrome game, which is prepared for the small kids), and it is which aroused the great enthusiasm of some players. Since it’s hard to win, the victory after a hard battle brings a stronger sense of achievement.

Game features:

1. Completely copy the PC version
2. Excellent control

Spider Solitaire: rules and basics

The object
Remove all the cards from the table in the fewest number of moves.
The table
Spider Solitaire is played with two decks of cards. Depending on the difficulty level, the decks consist of either one, two, or four different suits.
The cards are arranged in ten columns. The top card in each column is face up, the rest are face down. The remaining cards are piled in the lower-right corner of the table.
How to play
To win, you must remove all the cards from the table by building columns organized in descending order, from king to ace. At intermediate and advanced levels, the cards must also match suit.
When you succeed in building a sequentially-ordered column, it flies off the table.
If you run out of moves, click the pile at the bottom of the table and Windows deals a new row of cards.
You aren't limited to moving just one card at a time. If a run of cards are all in the same suit, and arranged in numeric order, you can drag them around as if they were a single card.
You start with 500 points. From this, Windows subtracts the number of moves it takes to finish a game. It then increases this subtotal by 100 times the number of runs removed from the table.