Ease Backup

Ease Backup - Easily backup your phone photos and videos to your Windows computer, providing more privacy and protecting your precious memories.

Experience the convenience of 'Ease Backup', which is a powerful solution that allows you to easily backup precious photos and videos from your phone's photo album to your Windows computer, providing more private protection. Ease Backup has a simple and easy-to-use interface and powerful features, ensuring that your valuable media files are securely saved through a few simple steps.

Main functions:

  1. Ease Backup allows you to easily transfer and back up photos and videos from your phone's album to your Windows computer. No longer worry about losing precious memories.
  2. Wireless LAN transmission: By utilizing the shared network of the computer, "Ease Backup" enables the wireless transmission of media files over a local area network (LAN). Say goodbye to the tangled cables and enjoy the convenience of wireless backup.
  3. Automatic selection: Our intelligent software will automatically recognize and select newly added photos and videos that have not yet been backed up. This can save you time and effort, without the need to manually select files.
  4. Regular reminders: "Ease Backup" provides the option to set regular backup reminders. Never miss a backup again, ensuring that your memories are always protected.
  5. User friendly interface: "Ease Backup" is designed with the concept of simplicity and ease of use, providing a user-friendly interface that allows even beginners to easily use the software without the need for professional technical knowledge.
  6. Comprehensive support: We are committed to providing excellent customer service. Easy Backup comes with detailed instructions to guide you through every step of the backup process. In addition, our professional customer service team is always available to assist you. You can contact us through send an email to cs@funbean.top .

Don't risk losing precious photos and videos. Through 'Ease Backup', you can easily back up these memories to your Windows computer, providing more private protection. Try 'Ease Backup' now and enjoy the peace of mind protection of your memories.

AB two billing methods are optional

A. Member VIP subscription

Member VIP consecutive year package: After ordering, use all functions and pay annually. Includes all new features that are constantly being upgraded.

·Subscription period of one year

·Subscription price: $0.99/year

*Payment: After prompted to make a purchase, the user chooses to confirm the purchase and verifies the user account information to indicate that the purchase was successful, which will be credited to the user account.

*Unsubscribe: Please manually turn off automatic renewal in iTunes/Apple ID settings management 24 hours before the subscription expires.

*The payment will be deducted within 24 hours before the expiration date. After successful deduction, the subscription period will be extended by one year

B. Permanent VIP of $2.99: After purchase, this software will permanently use all functions.

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