Ease Account


Ease Account to record every step on your way to success!

Brand upgrade: upgrade from Easy Account to Ease Account. More secure data and easier bookkeeping!

Main Functions

  • Two ways of bookkeeping, streamlined by you.
    • Way 1: Record each income and expense with accurate statistics.
    • Minimum two steps for each entry: enter the amount and notes and enter back, local machine learning automatically sets the others.
    • Commonly used accounts can set up templates, just select directly.
    • The amount supports addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations.
  • Way 2: Update the balance of each account every once in a while, weekly, monthly, yearly, at random. Easy to grasp the increase or decrease of assets at each update.
  • Rich Reports
    • Pie chart and bar chart: visualize the income and expenditure of each type and the percentage of each member.
    • Bar chart: A year's income and expenditure, various comparisons, see the increase or decrease: know the trend.
    • Line chart: Easily grasp the increase or decrease of assets and the percentage of each asset and liability.
  • Data security and privacy, completely under your own control: one copy of local records, one copy of your own iCloud records, no third party, data exported freely, and you can set a password.
  • Data freedom: No need to be a member, data is completely free to export.
    • Support exporting common format CSV and XLSX format of Excel.
    • You can also clear all records in one batch. Come and go freely.
  • Mac and iOS versions automatically sync via iCloud
  • Labeled functions are simple to handle: travel reports, personal contacts, travel expenses, renovation statistics, loan repayment, travel agency records travel tours, card issuing merchants to manage card users, etc. … more functions to be explored.
  • Search: Keyword search for notes, categories, members and amounts, and you can set various search criteria to filter the search results. You can also search to count income and expenditure balances.
  • Plan List: Monthly list of planned income and expenditure items and the total amount, due message reminders, automatic bookkeeping. The future is in your hands!

AB two billing methods optional

  • A,Member VIP subscription
  • Member VIP continuous annual subscription: use all functions after subscription, pay by year.
    • Includes all new features that are constantly upgraded.
    • Subscription period of one year
    • Subscription price: $5.49/year
    • New users can use one week for free.
    • Recommend to buy this item, the best deal.
  • Member VIP continuous monthly subscription: Use all features after subscription, pay by month. Includes all new features that are constantly upgraded.
    • Subscription period one month
    • Subscription price: $0.99/month
  • Payment: After prompting the purchase, the user selects OK to purchase and verifies the user's account information prompting the successful purchase is credited to the user's account.
  • Subscription cancellation: Please manually turn off auto-renewal in iTunes/Apple ID settings management 24 hours prior to subscription expiration.
  • The subscription will be deducted within 24 hours before the expiration date, and the subscription period will be extended by one year/month after the successful deduction.
  • The iOS and Mac side is a unified payment, one place to pay, both sides can be used. When prompted to purchase, you can directly select Restore to purchase.

  • B, single function billing:After purchasing the paid function, this function is used permanently.
    • Now you can single paid features: 1. List of Labels 2. Monthly Report 3. Year Report 4. Customize Report 5. Year Surplus 6. Year Comparison 7. Kind Comparison 8. Member Comparison
    • Each paid has a free trial, you only need to purchase the features you need.
    • New paid features may be added continuously as the software is upgraded.


Customer Service:

QQ          313503033 

Email      funbeangame@gmail.com


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