Easy Account


Are you still worried about spending money like running water? I don't know where the money is going? I can't find the old account book when I lost it? I'll help you with easy account keeping! It's easy to record every expenditure and master where the money is going.

Software Description

1. Simple record: enter amount and remark, AI automatically sets classification and member.

2. Rich reports: data generates value.

Pie chart shows revenue and expenditure statistics: the proportion is calculated by classification, member, time and label, and the proportion of various expenditures and who spends how much are clearly known.

The bar chart shows the statistics of annual balance: the balance of a year's income and expenditure is clear. It can make all kinds of comparisons, see the increase and decrease: know the trend.

3. Data securityThrough iCloud automatic synchronization, local password protection private, data free export.

4. Easy account iOS + easy account Mac. Data is automatically synchronized between iPhone, iPad and iMAC through iCloud to keep consistent.

5. Simple solution through the tag function: travel reimbursement, human relationship, travel expenses.

6. Simple search: it's easy to search, and you can set various search conditions to filter search results.

7. Plan list: list the revenue and expenditure items and total amount of the plan by month, and remind when it is due. In the future, master it!

8. Special excellent support for commercial customers such as travel agencies.

9. Continuous technical support, upgrading and long-term stable guarantee: the latest features of advanced search, dark mode, label and plan list are newly added.

10. There is no harassment of various financial information, no community, simple, only one thing to do well in bookkeeping!


1.New accounts

  • Account Book: After clicking Account List, Tag List, a new button will be displayed at the top right corner, click on the pop-up new window, after entering the data, click the save button below: to save.
  • At least two steps can record a sum: input the amount, after the remarks, press Enter, the AI will automatically select the category and member, and you can adjust it manually.
  • Click the orange icon on the left side of category and member to add, delete, modify category and member, drag up and down to adjust the display order.
  • Label: You can directly enter or select an existing label.
  • Cancel: Click the button in the lower left corner to close the page.
  • Copy: Right-click a record in the list, and select Copy to Today/Copy to Today in the right-click menu.

2.New Plan

  • Select the plan list, you can see the project and the total amount of the expected income and expenditure each month.
  • Click the Add button in the upper right corner of the top, and a new plan window will pop up.
  • Repeat reminder: remind once a week/month, need to turn on the notification. Such as credit card repayment, white strips, and flowers.
  • Automatic accounting after the expiration is completed: classification and membership need to be set. Such as mortgages, car loans.

3,Modify/delete accounts, plans

  • Modify:In the account list, label list, and plan list, click on the item to be modified, and the record details will pop up in the middle. After modifying, click to save.
  • Delete: Click the delete button to delete this record.
  • Delete: Right-click the item to be deleted in the account list, and click Delete in the pop-up right-click menu.
  • Batch delete: Click batch delete on the top menu bar, then click delete entry, the start time setting will pop up, select the date you want to delete and click delete to delete in batches. Note: Please use it with caution, set the start time carefully, it cannot be restored after deletion.


Directly enter the keywords to be searched in the search box at the bottom of the account list, and the search results will be automatically displayed in the list. If you need to limit the conditions, click to set the search scope: start time, category, member, etc.

5,View various reports

Monthly income, monthly expenditure, annual income, annual expenditure

  • Monthly and annual income and expenditure statistics, statistics of various income and expenditure proportions.
  • Mouse over the category on the pie chart will display the current category data and percentage.
  • Click the category on the pie chart with the mouse, and the detailed entries of this category of data are displayed in the table on the right.
  • Date left and right arrow buttons to switch between month and year.
  • Member/category switch button: View the proportion of each category and view the proportion of each member.

Customize Report:Customize income、Customize outlay

  • You can set the start time, count each category during this period, the proportion of members, click on the date to modify the start time, the default is the statistics of the most recent week, and you can define the default statistical days in the settings.

Year surplus

  • Calculate the monthly income and expenditure balance of a certain year, and switch the year with the left and right buttons. When you cannot make ends meet, the red word warns you.
  • Export CSV file: Export the statistical report to CSV file.


  • Label Reports:You can view the proportions of various types, such as the proportion of eating, drinking and playing during a certain trip.
  • List of labels:Can view detailed data of all labels, such as managing travel reimbursement.

Comparison Reports

  • Year comparison:Comparing the monthly income and expenditure of different years, you can enter a different year in the date.
  • Plus and minus switch button:Represents the comparison of switching income and expenditure。
  • Export CSV file: Export the statistical report to CSV file.

Kind comparison:Comparison of income and expenditure classification in different periods.

Member comparison:Comparison of member income and expenditure in different periods.

Date format:

  • Year: For example, 2021, it means that the comparison is 2021. The whole year.
  • Month: For example, 202101, the comparison is January 2021, the whole month.
  • Day: For example, 20210115, which means the comparison is January 15, 2021.
  • ⚠️:There is no need to add space characters in the date: such as /, -, space, etc.

Trend Reports

  • View the monthly revenue and expenditure trends of each year. This is a highly customized report. You can choose to view the revenue and expenditure trends of different members and categories.


  • iCloud sync: On by default, the data of multiple devices with the same Apple ID are automatically synchronized, and the data you record with your iPhone/iPad will also be synchronized with iMac to keep the same.
  • Appearance:OS:Follow the OS appearance settings, light or dark.
  • Custom Report Default Days:Click the tick button to save after modification.
  • Restore the purchase:To restore functions that have been paid for, such as reinstallation, or when V1.0 old users encounter a bug that still prompts for a trial after paying, they can upgrade to the latest version and click to restore purchase. If you purchase the same feature multiple times, even if the payment is successful, you will only pay once in the end. Please feel free to use it.
  • QQ and Email: Scan the QR code on your mobile phone or manually copy QQ and add customer service QQ, click the mailbox to pop up Email to contact customer service.
  • Enable password: After opening the software, you will be prompted to enter a password. After successful verification, log in to the software interface.
  • Change password: need to enter the old password.
  • Retrieve password: if you forget your password when logging in, you can choose to click on the password, this function is in the login interface.
  • iOS: You can scan the QR code to download the iOS version easy to keep accounts, and the data of the two are automatically synchronized with iCloud.

7,Today Widget

You can add today’s applet in the sidebar to quickly check the balance of this month’s income and expenditures, as well as new entries.


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