Ease Account


Ease Account to record every step on your way to success!

Brand upgrade: upgrade from Easy Account to Ease Account. More secure data and easier bookkeeping!

Main Functions

  • Easy to record: minimum two steps: enter the amount and notes and then enter, AI automatically sets the categories and members. Batch recording is also available by importing Alipay WeChat bills.
  • Rich Reports
  1. Pie and bar charts: visualize the various types of income and expenses and the percentage of each member.
  2. Bar chart: income and expenditure for a year, various comparisons, see the increase or decrease: know the trend.
  • Data security and privacy, completely under your own control: one copy of local records, one copy of your own iCloud records, no third party, data exported freely, and you can set a password.
  • Mac and iOS versions automatically sync via iCloud
  • Labeled functions are simple to handle: travel reports, personal contacts, travel expenses, renovation statistics, loan repayment, travel agency records travel tours, card issuing merchants to manage card users, etc. … more functions to be explored.
  • Search: Keyword search for notes, categories, members and amounts, and you can set various search criteria to filter the search results. You can also search to count income and expenditure balances.
  • Plan List: Monthly list of planned income and expenditure items and the total amount, due message reminders, automatic bookkeeping. The future is in your hands!

AB two billing methods optional

A,Single function billing: After purchasing a paid function, this function is used permanently. New paid features may be added continuously as the software is upgraded.

B,Member VIP continuous monthly subscription: Use all features after subscription and pay monthly. Includes all new features that are constantly upgraded.

  • One month subscription period
  • Subscription price: $0.99/month
  • Payment: After prompting for the purchase, the user selects OK to purchase and verifies the user account information prompting for a successful purchase and then credited to the user account.
  • To cancel your subscription: Please manually turn off auto-renewal in iTunes/Apple ID settings management 24 hours prior to the subscription expiration date.
  • Payment will be deducted within 24 hours before the expiration date, and the subscription period will be extended by one month after the successful deduction.


Customer Service:

QQ          313503033 

Email      funbeangame@gmail.com


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